Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017) has to be one of the most beautiful films of 2017 so far. Of course, beautiful is quite the boring adjective, and one that normally causes me to roll my eyes when it is used to describe a movie. Although in the case of Beauty and the Beast, beautiful is the most fitting word I can think of.

Normally I struggle to feel engrossed into musicals, not actual musicals such as plays or operas, but musicals displayed on the big screen. Musicals can be adapted well, in my opinion, to animation. Yet something happens when done on the big screen, the magic behind the songs and dances just seems extremely rehearsed and over autotuned.

Beauty and the Beast ended my long-time disapprove of musical adaptations. The songs never felt over done, with the exception of one character which will be explained later, and the dance sequences always made you feel like you were a part of them.

Beauty and the Beast

On the acting front, all leads were excellent with the exception of one, the main one – Emma Watson. She may be smart and beautiful, but a fantastic Belle she is not. It felt like her interactions with Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth were her interacting by herself – not with the characters that were suppose to be in front of her. On top of that, her musical sequences never quite seemed as natural as the others. They seemed to be in the over autotuned style that most movies botch.

The same can not be said for the other leads and supporting actors. Dan Stevens was a fantastic Beast. His voice was perfection and you could always believe the emotion behind it. Josh Gad and Luke Evans were perfection. Every time these two were on the screen you couldn’t help but laugh – Gad especially stole the show. The same can be said for Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald, and Stanley Tucci. Their roles were all brought to life and the casting calls were perfect.

beauty and the beast 3

The music was spectacular. In fact, the movie gave me chills 2-3 times just due to the nostalgia of each song; although, the musical ability behind each one was good enough on its own. “Evermore” will undoubtably receive an Oscar nomination for best original song. It was played at the perfect moment and executed to perfection by Dan Stevens.

IMDB has this filmed rated at 7.8/10. I gave the film a 8/10. I think a 7.8 is a bit harsh. This film deserves at least a 8/10. In fact, it could be as high as a 9 but due to the disappointment of Emma Watson, and a couple of minor details, I just couldn’t let myself get to a 9/10. Now, I could be blinded by nostalgia, or my love for music, but I really do believe this a film everyone would enjoy!

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Full IMDB ratings…just in case you can’t wait for a review!

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