Sneakerheadz is a documentary about the phenomena that is sneakers. The film includes interviews ranging from prodigy sneaker dealers, designers, resellers, and diehard collectors.


Now, if you aren’t from a culture fascinated by material objects, this is an eye opening film. I occasionally enjoy documentaries/movies that show the enchanting topic of American greed (although there is plenty of greed displayed in Japan in this film). For example, there are people in this documentary with over a 1,000 pairs of shoes! Many of which cost over $1,000 a pair.

You’re probably thinking what I’ve thought about this obsession, why in the world would someone waste their money on shoes? Well, as the film shows, there is more to it than just sneakers.

There is the passion for hip-hop, sports, and fashion. Shoes are not just an article of clothing to these people, it is a statement of status and lifestyle. There is the chase in finding the rare pair that few people own, the same can be said for watch collectors or coin collectors. Many people, myself included, do not have an affinity for shoes; yet, we too have a desire for a certain lifestyle. Are we really any different from them? (The answer is kind of yes because even though I enjoy watches, I could never have 1,000.)


The point of this film, in my opinion, did not seem to be one of “look at these cool kicks,” but rather an explanation behind the desires of collectors.  Something that I found enlightening, but altogether not very groundbreaking.

This is a film I think most people would find mildly interesting. If you enjoy learning new things, or witnessing people living in excess, then you’ll find this movie to be an enjoyable hour.

IMDB rated this movie as a 6.4/10. I rated it a 6/10. I feel anything above a 6 would be generous, a 5/10 would also be acceptable. The film is lacking that something extra, in fact it felt more like an hour long TV show. That doesn’t mean that it is poorly made nor boring – actually quite the opposite – it just wasn’t anything worthwhile.

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