I’m just going to start out by being direct, I don’t get the love for Logan.

I understand that the Wolverine franchise has made dramatic improvements since the original back in 2009; however, this movie is nothing ground-breaking. Was it enjoyable? Absolutely. Yet I found myself never invested in the characters or the story.

Speaking of the story, the movie revolves around Wolverine and his quest to save a fellow mutant, a young girl named Laura. In typical Wolverine fashion, he is hesitant to help, but predictably becomes a fatherly figure to the girl.

logan 3

Normally I leave the IMDB rating for the end, but this film is currently rated a jaw-dropping 8.5/10. That puts it above La La Land, Braveheart, Inglorious Bastards, and Citizen Kane. Unbelievable.

When I first checked the rating before the film it was a staggering 8.7, logically my expectations were incredibly high (putting it in the IMDB Top 10 of all time), but boy did it fall flat.

The action scenes are definitely worthy of the R-rating, and they were something that made me highly encouraged to see the film in the first place. I hate when movies turn a dark story into a softer PG-13 version. Unfortunately, many of the scenes seemed a bit over the top. Mainly due to the fact that, as I mentioned previously, I never really cared about the characters.

I found Laura to be highly dull, I get the whole mute kid thing, but it didn’t work for me. The villains seemed cliche and lacked any sense of originality. Although there is some praise to be dished out – Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role, and he plays it to perfection once again. In the same regard is Patrick Stewart, don’t get me wrong I love McAvoy, but Professor X will always be Stewart.

Logan 2

IMDB has this filmed rated at 8.5/10. I gave the film a 7/10. As mentioned in my article, I am drastically opposed to such a high rating. In fact, this is the only film in all of the IMDB Top 100 (Logan is at 61) that I have rated below an 8. Yet to be fair, a 7/10 is still a good rating and this movie is of course worth a watch. But please, don’t go into this film expecting anything greater than the last 100 super hero movies pumped out by Marvel.

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Full IMDB ratings…just in case you can’t wait for a review!

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