Power Rangers

Power Rangers. If I had to sum up how I felt after this movie, it would be “I’m so glad that wasn’t bad.”

I think I speak for most of us (around the age of 20-35), that Power Rangers played a pivotal role in our development. Hell, I know I was having Power Ranger’s battles with my cousins every weekend.

power rangers 2

Naturally I was excited when I saw the release of this movie. However, I understandably had my reservations before I spent my hard earned cash. Thankfully, Power Rangers did not disappoint.

This movie had, without a doubt, a fantastic mix of nostalgia, yet it still managed to improved upon the cheesy and predictable series. I even checked sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB (which I rarely do before seeing a movie), and the ratings kept me skeptical. What were these sites expecting? This movie was never going to be an Oscar winner, but it is much better than a 46% RT score.

I thought the actors did well given their lack of notoriety, granted they weren’t asked much from the script. However, the rangers were perfectly portrayed as high school students struggling to accept the responsibility that comes with being protectors of Earth.

power ranger 3

The new ranger costumes are very well designed, and probably more accurately reflect what they need to be. What I mean is, the original rangers are wearing nothing but thin tights – not suitable to absorb the contact that comes with fighting aliens. However these new, almost Iron Manesque suits, look really good (yes I’m aware they’re CGI and were not attainable during the 90’s).

I also found the villain to actually offer a sense of suspense. Rita Repulsa, along with all other villains in the Power Ranger universe, always seemed to be portrayed as a bigger deal than they actually were. Although in this film, Rita actually offers a threat.

My final thoughts in regards to Power Rangers, relates to the series going forward. Apparently there are plans for up to six additional films, and after seeing this, it can definitely be done well. But, the budgets scare me a little. This movie cost an estimated 105 million, I think it can make that back, but going forward the budget should probably be closer to 50 million in order for the series to survive.

IMDB has this filmed rated at 7.2/10. I gave the film a 7/10. I thought the rating was spot on. This movie wasn’t anything incredible, but it definitely passes as a solid movie. I do feel that a 7.2 is a little low considering other movies ranked on IMDB, but I completely understand the ranking. If you enjoyed Power Rangers as a kid, then this will without a doubt live up to the hype!

My Criteria

Full IMDB ratings…just in case you can’t wait for a review!

Pictures from: powerrangers.wikia.comdenofgeek.comimages.moviepilot.com


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