Sing Street

Sing Street. Strange, yet incredibly entertaining. That would be my short and sweet analysis.

The story revolves around a teenage boy, Conor. Conor’s family goes through a difficult time and he is forced to change schools – we all know the difficulties that come with that. The year is 1985, and pop music, accompanied by catchy music videos, are all the rage. Therefore logically, in an attempt to win over the girl of his dreams, Conor starts a band. Will they fall in love, will the band succeed, or will it all end with nothing?

You’ll see.

This film gave off a very Wes Anderson vibe, mixed with a bit of 10 Things I Hate About You. I’m not sure why I feel a connection between those two, maybe it’s the high school romance/comedy mixed with a strange sense of humor.

Sing Street 2.jpg

Humor is bountiful throughout this film, although it is not without the tensions of tragedy. Whether you look at the misfortunate love interest, the trepidation of high school, or the broken family – this film puts you on a roller coaster.

Sing Street 3.jpg

Music in films is always big with me, and this film does wonders in that department. It has not only a great soundtrack, but also fantastic original songs.

This was one of those movies that people will either really enjoy, or never get into. If you’re a fan of Irish or UK culture, then this is a great movie for you. However, if you prefer action or explosions, then you wouldn’t want to waste your time with this.

IMDB has this filmed rated at 8/10. I gave the film a 8/10. I thought the rating was spot on. It is definitely a class above most movies, but at the same time it lacked just a little bit of that something extra that could have put it higher. That being said, I would recommend this to all serious moviegoers.

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Full IMDB ratings…just in case you can’t wait for a review!

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