Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Price: 3 (not cheap but not expensive)

Attractions: 4

Food: 5 (best I’ve ever had)

Language Barrier: No.

Would I return? Yes.

Charleston can be summed up with a simple phrase: Southern-Charm.

Although many people would argue this old southern town has been “invaded by hipsters,” it still holds its distinct history. Charleston is a city loaded with breathtaking homes, old industrial buildings, and Civil War significance. Surprisingly, the views and history wouldn’t be what brought me back…

The food (the way to any man’s heart) in Charleston was by far the best I’ve ever had. Here’s a list of some of the best eateries and activities that I enjoyed during my 5 day stay!


Tattooed Moose. Overall I would give this a “okay” rating compared to the rest of the restaurants I enjoyed during my time in Charleston. I even got their Duck Club and duck-fat-fries. I wouldn’t say not to go to this restaurant because it really was good, I just wouldn’t put it at the top.

Swig & Swine. Now, I’m a Texas boy, so SC BBQ is totally different than the BBQ back home – mainly the sauce and heavy use of the pig (SC) instead of brisket (TX). However, the meat I got at Swig and Swine was out of this world. The smoked pork belly has to be one of the best meats in world – perfection. Sides? Heck ya, the mac & cheese goes down as some of the best I’ve had.

Hominy Grill. The hype was huge for this place! The chicken biscuit was good, but the shrimp and grits was even better. Hominy was one of my favorites while in Charleston, and you have to make it a part of your experience.

Boxcar Betty’s. Best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had (Not so Waffle for $7). Fried Chicken, cheese, syrup, bacon, and bacon jam. Yes, you read right, bacon jam. This is hands down one of the best $7 worth of food I’ve encounter.


Toast Restaurant. Fortunately I still had a little bit of room left in my stomach on the 5th day in Charleston. I got the biscuits and gravy, best biscuits and gravy I’ve eaten. The pancakes were solid, nothing special, and we had a great server. You should stop by on your last day to cap off a great trip!

Summing up the food…

Yes, I’m aware I claimed “best I’ve ever had” several times. That’s rare. I love food; I would say 50% of my disposable income goes to funding my obsession. Charleston lived up to the hype in this department.

As for activities, if you can believe me, I did do some things besides just eat.

Fort Sumter. As most Americans know, the firing on Fort Sumter signaled the start of the Civil War, and is considered a national landmark.

Charleston City Market. Just an easy way to spend an afternoon. Walk around admiring old homes (like the one in the featured photo), and enjoy the shops and restaurants in the area.


Although I specially mentioned the market, there a tons of walking tours that show you all the rich history that Charleston has to offer. They include museums, monuments, and tours of notable homes.

Then, of course, you’re right by the beach! I went to Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms, but I was there in December – no swimming for me. Although, I did stay on Kiawah Island in the summer of 2015. Beautiful beaches and even better golfing.

Charleston is a foodie Mecca. Anyone who claims to love food has to make a trip to Charleston. Prices weren’t out of control, and the people were extremely friendly. This remarkable city truly stands out compared to others I have visited in the US. This mixture between new age and southern charm makes Charleston a must visit.

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