Chandler, Oklahoma, USA

Route 66, one of the most iconic American highways, runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to visit a historic patch of highway, and drove from Chandler, OK – through Stroud, OK – to Bristow, OK.

I can say with honesty, Route 66 is a road worth traveling.

Chandler was my first stop. To me the this small town gave off a truly midwestern vibe. The historic downtown offered a fair amount, not as much as Guthrie, but nevertheless it is worth a day trip. I found solace is just driving around. A lot of the homes have character, and the hilly views are beautiful.

Chandler had an old movie theater, which shows a movie every night at 7:30, and I will without question visit again just for that. The public library was also an eye catching sight. Although the building was remodeled on the inside, the outside was still full of character.

After exploring Chandler for 30 minutes, I continued down Route 66. As I was leaving Chandler, a massive structure made me double take. The building was the Route 66 Interpretive Center. According to their website, “The original Chandler Armory building was constructed in 1936-37 by the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). This program was part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” policy of putting Americans back to work during the Great Depression, and building community economies back up by using local workers and materials.”

Buildings such as this make me so happy when I take day trips to these small towns. This was such a strange looking building, and one that truly stood out.

After Chandler, I drove through Stroud. Stroud appeared to be around the same size as Chandler, and both had classic downtowns filled with retro signs and buildings. In fact, during my drive through Stroud I witnessed some high schoolers taking prom pictures, what a throw back.

The last stop on my short Route 66 drive was Bristow. Bristow was definitely busier than the other two towns but it was still filled with charm. I had never heard of Bristow before this journey, but I could see myself returning to this attractive town.

The roads were winding entering Bristow, making for a relaxing escape. One thing that cracked me up, was the trailer park next to the football stadium – not sure if I’ve ever seen that before. Downtown Bristow stands out from a couple of others. I really enjoyed looking at the buildings and shops, a return trip is in order.

I strongly suggest anyone thinking about taking a drive to hop on Route 66. Whether you’re in Oklahoma or Illinois, Route 66 should not go ignored.

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