Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

Guthrie, Oklahoma.

I woke up on a Saturday morning and felt spontaneous. There had to be somewhere I could go just to escape for a couple of hours. So, what did I do? Pulled up google maps and typed in Oklahoma. The first small town that caught my eye, that’s where I was going.

Little did I know but Guthrie was Oklahoma’s first capital in 1907 (it later lost the title to the present capital Oklahoma City in 1910). The town reflects that history with its rustic downtown, its non cookie-cutter style homes, and its cobble stone streets.

When I first arrived I followed the signs to the business district. The area is only a couple of blocks in either direction; and, the area is filled with government buildings, local businesses such as a hotel, and tons of antique shops. If I had to suggest a name for Guthrie is would be Oklahoma’s Antique Capital.

After a little walking around I stopped at the donut shop and got my fix. After a sweet compliment from the donut lady, I went back to a couple of antique shops (my picture is from Above the Rest Antiques).As you will see below in the pictures, I found a couple of unique finds. My personal favorite was the “Busty Salt and Pepper Shakers.” I wasn’t really looking for anything particular but I couldn’t pass up on an Eisenhower Coin Dollar minted in 1972. I realize these probably aren’t particularly rare, but I had never heard of such a thing.

From the antique shops I decided to explore some of the more historical buildings that Guthrie has to offer. I discovered an old historic building from 1901 that housed the Logan County Bank and the Territorial Governor’s office. The fun fact that accompanied this building was that the basement served as a stable for horses and carriages – the beginnings of a parking garage.

Further down the street from downtown was the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. Built in 1919 this imposing structure truly is the largest building in the town – at least that I found. The building is also home to a museum and it stands as the center for Free Masons in all of Oklahoma.

Guthrie also has a magnificent court house. The Logan County Courthouse definitely has charm and should be considered one of the better looking buildings in Guthrie. However, my personal favorite was the Carnegie Library. The library is the site in which the first Oklahoma State governor was inaugurated; and, this is the site where the first Oklahoma State flag was created in 1908.

I’m so glad that I made the trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma. The whole town gave off an aura of relaxation and comfort. So much so that I decided to write this piece in Highland Park. I recommend to anyone who just wants a day to relax, drive to Guthrie. The town has so much to offer. Whether it is shopping for antiques, or even if you just want to relax, Guthrie should be on your list.

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