Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

Payne County, Oklahoma. Stillwater is the oasis that exists between Oklahoma City to the southwest and Tulsa to the northeast. The town contains Oklahoma State University, a blue-collar state school mixed with international students and salt-of-the-earth Oklahomans.

Of course the town has all the major chains that make up most of the United States, but it also has plenty of character and charm. Old downtown still looks as it first did, filled with shops, restaurants, and businesses. Yet, the real reason to visit this place is to visit the school that makes this place one of a kind.

Oklahoma State was founded in 1890. Their mascot is the Cowboy, but everyone says “Go Pokes.” The school is a land grant college, and the agricultural college makes up a good portion of the student body. Yet, there is still an urban presence among many of the students. Students here love to work hard and party hard, which shows on a Friday night at The Strip and on a weeknight at Edmond Low Library. 

Food. Stillwater offers plenty of great places to get your fix:

Eskimo Joe’s. Everyone goes for the cheese fries and the burgers – but stays for the atmosphere. It is difficult to even move around at this place on football Saturday. Although this place is famous in Stillwater, personally, I find it to be very overhyped. Yet, Eskimo Joe’s still is a must go when visiting.

Hideaway Pizza. Fantastic pizza and a massive restaurant makes for a good time and even better food. You will not leave this place hungry.

Granny’s Kitchen. This family owned breakfast/lunch establishment is one of the best places to eat in Stillwater. Although I can’t vouch for their lunch food, their breakfast food is amazing. Why else do you think I’ve never eaten lunch food there? It’s cause the breakfast is too good to pass up.

Tokyo Pot. One of the best places in all of Stillwater and the most unique. You cook your food in a pot with broth, but the catch is that the meat is so thin that it cooks in 5 seconds. Without a doubt this place will wow you in taste and the owner will help make your experience.

Things to do:

Oklahoma State Sporting Event. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, or softball, Oklahoma State sports never disappoint. Tickets are pretty cheap, depending on the game and sport, but you will have a great time regardless!

Two Stepping. Outlaws and Tumbleweed both offer this country classic, and when in Stillwater you can’t miss out. No worries if you don’t know how. Whether you’re a man or a woman someone is always willing to teach.

Of course these aren’t the only places to eat nor the only things to do, but the town still offers plenty. I assure you that just by driving around you can make a fun weekend trip out of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Stillwater is a special place. Everyone that I’ve talked to that lives there, and has visited there, loves it for the small college town that it is. My journey to Stillwater is not a short one, in fact I’ve lived here now for four years – as a student at Oklahoma State.

This town has molded me. It turned me from an immature high schooler to an excited adult. Living in this town and interacting with its people will make anyone grow. Stillwater has nationally recognized professors, who are leaders in their field, as well as hardworking everyday people. The mixture of people always leads to intriguing situations and events.

In fact, before I came here I had a negative view of small towns. Fortunately this town changed all that, and it made me appreciate these special places. I strongly encourage you, if you’re a high schooler deciding on college, you cannot go wrong with places like this – especially if you’re from a city. College towns like this will give you so many experiences that you never thought possible.

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