Findlay, Ohio, USA

I’m especially excited about this piece, as this is my first guest post! This post was written by Anthony Halstead and you may find his site here. I greatly appreciate him doing this and I look forward to more from him.

Findlay, Ohio

Findlay is a mid-sized town located in Northwestern Ohio, just about an hour south from Toledo.  While being fairly modest in size, it is a growing community with a rich history.  Any traveler who is interested in historical sites ought to stop by Findlay for some of the finer details of larger events in American history.  Formerly known as Fort Findlay, it served as a depot along the route up to Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Additionally, if one peruses the downtown area closely enough, they’ll be able to find a plaque commemorating the role Findlay played in the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.  There was also an oil boom early in the days of Findlay, which is probably why the Marathon Corporation has one of its headquarters there.  But even if you aren’t particularly keen on historical site-seeing, there is certainly more to do.

The focal point of Findlay is the downtown area, which is lined with restaurants and other small shops.  If coffee and live music excite your interest, I strongly suggest Coffee Amici, which hosts local musicians on Friday nights.  But if you prefer a quieter environment where you can sip your coffee in peace, definitely hit up Georgehouse Coffee, right across the street from the scenic University of Findlay.  This coffee shop is also a bookstore, in which you may be able to find some rare books.  I remember buying an old book for only $2, and as it turned out, the book contained newspaper clippings from the 1920s about the pope from the time!  Who would have thought!

Regarding the restaurants, my absolute favorite, hands down, is Alexandria’s, located on Crawford Street.  The bottom half of the restaurant has a small bar area, and the back room is a fairly large dining area with gorgeous chandeliers and a stage where local musicians will often play.  But if you want something more active, I have something right up your alley.  The top half, known as Ali’s, is a bar with a bowling alley.  The entire restaurant is usually a hangout for young professionals, most of whom probably work for Marathon just down the street, and for good reason.  Alexandria’s serves wonderful gourmet food with an excellent selection of craft beers from all over Ohio and the rest of the U.S..  Last time I checked, they were serving Star Wars-themed burgers, and they were delicious!

Other than Alexandria’s, be sure to check out Waldo Pepper’s, Logan’s Irish Pub, and the Bistro on Main for an excellent dinner experience,.  Japan West may be the most sophisticated option in town if you feel like having authentic Asian cuisine.  A cheaper alternative would be Ming’s Great Wall, one of my old favorites, located in the northern end of town just off of I-75.  If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat for lunch, you must visit Hot Head Burritos on the other side of town.  Think of Chipotle, but with more options!  And for dessert, no one can pass up Dietsch Brothers’ ice cream with two locations just outside of the downtown area.  If you go there, make sure to stick a pin in their map of travelers from all around the world!

Surrounding the southern end of the downtown area are vast neighborhoods full of old Victorian-style houses with various bright color schemes.  Just to the east of these neighborhoods is Emory Adams Park, which consists mostly of soccer fields, baseball fields, a castle-shaped playground, and extensive walking paths that cross over Eagle Creek.  Oh, and just to the southeast of Emory Adams is a peacock farm if you ever want to see some exotic wildlife.  Other parks include Riverside Park and Firestine Park (especially visit Firestine in autumn!).

It’s difficult for me to stop here, since there is so much more for me to say, but I’ll leave a lot for you to discover!  If you are ever passing through Northwest Ohio, make sure to stop by!

Once again thank you very much Anthony; and please visit his site!

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