Krebs, Oklahoma, USA

Italian Food.

If Krebs, Oklahoma can be described in two words it would definitely be those two. In fact, the welcome sign even calls it “Oklahoma’s Little Italy.” Located in southeast Oklahoma near McAlester, this small 2,000 person town still finds a way to stand out.

My journey to this pocket of Italy is due to my girlfriend. She’s from the area (southeast Oklahoma) and she introduced me to this special town. My girlfriend has obviously been to Krebs countless times, but I have only had the pleasure of four separate occasions.

When driving through Krebs you don’t find much. There are two gas stations (right across the street from one another), a post office, and some Italian restaurants. But don’t let the lack of buildings fool you, Krebs makes a great day trip and the food will make sure you come back.

Krebs was founded in the late 1800s and it seems as though the town has been associated with Italian food ever since. So where to eat do you ask? Well there are three main places, Roseanna’sPete’s Place, and The Isle of Capri . According to my girlfriend, you become pretty loyal to one or the other. So, my pick for the winning restaurant…

Pete’s Place.  My girlfriend’s personal favorite and therefore our place of choice. I assure you, you cannot possibly leave this restaurant hungry. The food is great and served family style. The steaks receive a strong recommendation, but the chicken parmesan is great too! Lamb fries, don’t look up what they are, but they are fantastic. For all you beer lovers out there, the restaurant also serves its locally brewed beer called Choc (short for Choctaw)!

Of course, as I stated above, when you pick one you stick with one. Therefore I haven’t even been to Roseanna’s or The Isle of Capri! Although, I’m sure at some point I will give them a try – how can I say no to Italian food?

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