Berlin, Deutschland

Price: 3 (not cheap but not expensive)

Attractions: 5

Food: 4

Language Barrier: A little but easy to get around.

Would I return? Yes.

Berlin, Germany – my favorite city in the world.

Berlin is the capital of the economic powerhouse that is Germany. I have had the pleasure of visiting Berlin twice, and both times the city captured my attention and left me in awe.

This european capital is so unique. For starters it is cheap for western Europe, which is great, but it also offers diverse history and cultural influences. You have western European influence and eastern European influence smacked together in Berlin. The two create a great harmony and beauty that will make anyone fall in love.

The featured picture is the Berlin Dome Church (Berliner Dom). This is one of my favorite places in Berlin. Walking into this magnificent church leaves you in silence. You cannot help but stare at the architecture and feel the grace that the building provides. If you want, you also get the chance to climb all the way to the top and walk around the dome. This provides a 360 degree view of this marvelous capital.

Charlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg). This palace is incredible. The palace itself looks as though it is 300 yards long, but the garden behind the palace is really want makes this place great. It makes for a comfortable spot just to enjoy a walk or just sit and read a book. Although, apparently if you take your backpack off an old german woman will think you’re a terrorist…she asked that I put it back on.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. A perfect summation of one of the worst genocides in recent history. The museum is silent. You can’t help but read everything and listen to the audio guide – you won’t have the urge to speak. Yet even though this museum is depressing, you have to go if you’re in Berlin. It offers such an in-depth view of such a horrible time period. You leave with a greater appreciation of life.

Reichstag Building. This building has so much historic significance. The Soviet’s raising the flag on top of this famous building signaled the end of Nazi power but the history doesn’t stop there. You must make this building your first stop. Going into the dome on top gives you a 360 degree view of the city; and, the guided tour introduces you to all the famous stops that you have to see.

Brandenburger Tor. The Brandenburg Gate is such a pretty sight to see. If you go at night, it lights up and the view becomes even better. If you visit here, you also get to check out a number of embassies!

There are a number of other great places too:

East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)

Checkpoint Charlie

The Natural History Museum 

Museum Island

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church 

Please please if you’re ever in Europe make this stop. I know I sound crazy and I’m sure a ton will disagree but skip some of the more touristy places, like London and Paris, but make Berlin a priority.

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