Unknown Rover

This is coming from a young man who is trying to figure out what he wants to do next.

Have you ever wanted to just leave and go see the world? Just pack up a back pack and drive? Well I have. It seems as though once a week I want to just drive to a nearby town and explore what it has to offer. America has some fantastic small towns – full of unique people, beautiful architecture, and plenty of experiences waiting to be had.

I want to explore. I want to travel the unknown towns that make this country great. I want to see the world.

I also possess a passion for movies. I realize movies and travel do not exactly go hand-in-hand but they dominate my life. Movies were not the original intention of this website, but due to the decreased frequency of posting, I figured I needed to add more of who I am.

I’m not a great writer. I do not posses any formal training nor do I plan on receiving any. However, I have a passion for talking about experiences. I love hearing about peoples’ trips to foreign countries, far away states, and even close towns that I didn’t know existed.

So please, feel free to write about your travels and join me in helping make this website a unique place to read about life and travel. I will always give you credit, unless you wish to remain anonymous; and I will always refer people to your website.

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