Hebron, Nebraska, USA

Driving north on Highway 81 is a beautiful scenic drive across Kansas and Nebraska.

The whole drive is full of nothing but flat farmland. Of course you see the occasional home and small town along the way – which to me is relaxing. The whole drive is a breath of fresh air.

Once you cross over into Nebraska you’ll see a sign. Hebron,Nebraska “Home of the World’s Largest Porch Swing.” Of course when you read a sign like that you have to stop. My girlfriend thought I was crazy, but she too realized the significance of such a sight.

As you drive down Lincoln Avenue you’ll find a beautiful old midwestern town. Downtown has been kept up and looks fantastic and most of the homes still have their midwestern charm.

Then of course the main scene. The World’s Largest Porch Swing. The swing is in Roosevelt Park at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and South 5th Street. The swing is said to hold 18 adults, although I could see more fitting, and around 24 children. When we arrived the park had several children and their parents and the whole town really gave off a calming vibe. Unfortunately we only got the chance to spend 30 minutes in Hebron, but I plan on returning on my next drive north on Highway 81.

I could easily spend a day or two in Hebron and you should too. You could check out the local downtown, see a movie at the Majestic Theater,  and of course – relax on The World’s Largest Porch Swing.

Lastly, please comment about wanting to contribute to the site if you have any stories you want to share. I hope you enjoyed this short piece and I plan to add more soon.

Directions to Hebron, Nebraska

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to stop n Hebron! Besides the porch swing, we have a historic courthouse, rumored to have stone figures by the Mount Rushmore artist,based on local citizens, a mural of buffaloes on the prairie in our post office. We once housed prisoners of war in a CC camp during World War II. Our bricks street from yesteryear welcome travelers to stores of everyday and unique items. We are on the edge of the Oregon Trail, California Trail and Pony Express route. It’s amazing what you can find just off the highway!


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